20cm, serves 8-10
23cm, serves 10-12

The humble, healthy (if you don't eat the topping, which would be silly) carrot cake - my husband Ben's favourite. Thankfully this one didn't disappoint - and I think it'll be a close second to the chocolate cake in the cake popularity polls.

This carrot cake contains:
free range eggs
light brown sugar
sunflower oil
self-raising flour
baking powder
flaked coconut
cream cheese
icing sugar

It'll keep for ages if you store it in the fridge (we've had one in our fridge for about a week now, and it's getting better every day, but eventually, the cream cheese in the topping will go off and it'll dry out too much), and there are 555 calories per serving with the topping, or 407 without the topping (based on 1o servings).


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